(An organization of the people that work for people, by the people with the help of their OWN CONTRIBUTION and DONATIONS)


We organized 51 years ago as Balgopal Mitra Mandal since childhood in the year 1967 by the motivation of A Common Man in Jouranbaug Society in Asalfa Village of Mumbai, Mr. Shyamkant Aarolkar who himself got motivated by the Political party 'SHIVSENA' and their work which Established in the year 1966 by a Great Common Man Mr. Balasaheb Thakare and a famous caricaturist in writers world of Maharashtra, lateron honoured as Hindu Hruday Samrat Mananiya Balasaheb Thakare and A Great Political Leader of India to celeberate birthday (Jayanti Utsav) of The Great Maratha King of Maharashtra Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

In the Year 1976 as we were of about Twenties, introduced ourselves as Shivpremi Mitra Mandal by General Meeting motion, suggestion received from Mr. Shamsunder Gawade and support raised by Mr. Shashikant Badabe, Mr. Ashok Bedekar, Mr. Baburao Mhatre and others. Then we started various activities through our organization. Things were activly supported by the surrounding people and motivated our work.

In the Year 1998 due to some problems activities of organization affected and it becomes difficult to continue. Hence Mr. Shamsunder Gawade who is at present the president of organization suggested to register the organization and it was supported by all the members working in the organization. On Friday, 24th April 1998 organization registered in Mumbai Dharmaday Ayukta Karyalay and as a Public Trust on Monday, 31st August 1998.



  • Performing Social Activities
  • Providing Educational & Health Medical Help.
  • Helping Unemployed and Self Employed Youth for their motivation.
  • Working for Celeberations of Religious and National Programms and Cultural Activities. Watch Photos
  • Working for Development of Education.
  • Realising Educational Scholership and Donations for promotion.
  • Organizing youth with Co-operation and develop activities for public.
  • Stimulating and Providing Education in public by youth support and efforts - Art, Sports and Educational Programmes.
Mr. S. R. Gawade
Chairman (Trustee)

Mr. S. B. Badbe
Vice Chairman
Mr. S. J. Sarmalkar
Secretary (Trustee)
Mr. S. B. Kadu
Asst. Sec. (Trustee)
Mr. S. A. Kadam
Mr. A. V. Dalvi
In. Audit (Trustee)
Mr. S. J. Bhoir
Asst. Treas. (Trustee)
Mr. H. M. Parulekar
Asst. Treas. (Trustee)
Mr. N. G. Kadam
Asst. Secretary
Mr. P. S. Kaginkar
Mr. P. P. Zambre
Internal Auditor
Mr. S. B. Mhatre
Asst. Sp. Chairman
Mr. S. N. Sawant
Asst. Sp. Chairman
Mr. G. N. Sawant
Sr. Member
Mr. B. S. Dhuri

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